Friday, September 26, 2014

Southern-most Redwoods, Pacific Ocean and...

and bathing beauties.

Another species of big trees demanded equal hugs, so I drove to Big Sur.

Here lies the most distant southern outpost of the Coastal Redwoods. 95% of the original old growth Redwoods are a thing of the past seen only in photos. That outside deck/patio you are walking upon might be made of Redwood. The wood is tough, attractive and very resistant to wear and tear. 

I'm glad these specimens avoided the chopping block.

Here's a photo of a baby Redwood. Even the Mighty start out small. I am patiently waiting for my growth spurt.

Here's a gang of Elephant Seals after a long bender. That must have been some party. 
I hope they applied enough sunscreen.

I've run out of western movement. Barley can't swim. It'll be time to turn south and east soon.


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