Thursday, September 18, 2014

Californians and their bear...


In Colorado, we have bears but we don't make a fuss over them. 
I've never heard a conversation start off with, "How's it goin'? Are you Bear Aware?"
Nope! In the Centennial State one can say we maintain a laissez-bear attitude. The bruins go about their bear business and the Coloradoans go about their own. (A lot of citizens are smoking legal pot, so they ponder what to eat when they get the munchies.) If a bear problem arises, the authorities deal with it. More than likely a  "Final Solution" to the bear gone bad. 

In California, one would think numerous
bears cavort freely around towns, meadows, forests and the lands in between. Hell! I half expected a bear to belly up to the bar next to me and order a pint with all this hairy omnivore talk. It's all a bit much. 

I feel Californians are over-the-top on this shaggy subject. There's a freaking bear on the state flag for crying out loud! 


OK! I vented.

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