Friday, September 5, 2014

Eagle Peak...

Just 2.6 miles past Yosemite Falls. The water that gives birth to the falls comes from snowmelt. This time of the year and with the drought, Yosemite Wall is more appropriate. You can see a sheen where the cascade has been on the rock though.

Eagle Peak at 7,730 feet is worth the extra bonus miles and altitude. I did see an eagle or hawk swoon by near enough to hand me a High-Five with his outstretched wing. A close encounter of the bird kind.

It was a warmish day and I earned my IPAs and water that evening. 
Remember! Hydrate or Die!

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  1. Now that you've been backpacking in Yosemite, you can better appreciate our family backpacking trip there in May 1978. Our children were 11 yr, 9 yr, 4 yr, and 22 mo. and all went with us. The older kids each had a pack with their own clothes, outerwear, and water. The 4 yr old had a tiny pack that held her hat, sweater, and canteen. The youngest walked at least 4 of the 5.5 miles we went back on the Nevada - Vernal Falls trail. My pack weighed 75 lb.; my husband's weighed 65 lb, but he had to carry the 20-lb baby when she had to take a break. We saw rainbows in the spray from the falls, watched a small bear eat someone else's supper, and I lost 5 lb in two days. Magical. That baby is going to Machu Picchu for three weeks this December. Started her off right, didn't we?