Saturday, September 13, 2014

Midnight Lake...

Yep, still part of the aww-inspiring John Muir Wilderness.

Standing tall behind this alpine wet spot is Mount Darwin at 13,831'. Ain't it a beauty?

Here's a bit of Sierra granite history for you. Way back in 1895, Stanford professor Theodore Solomons punched in a route from Yosemite to Mount Whitney. (Much of it became the John Muir Trail). Teddy was rolling along, naming stuff along his merry way, when he noticed six gnarly light-colored peaks raising up from a basin.At that moment,  he decided "what the heck!" and christened them after the proponents of the new (at the time) scientific concept of Evolution. 

In parts of the US, it's still a new found idea! 
Evil-lution, I guess. 

I've been called a lot worse things than a descendant of a monkey. I can live with that.

Onto Mammoth Lakes mañana, so long Bishop, CA.
Enjoy your weekend

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