Saturday, September 27, 2014

Montana de Oro State Park, California...

Might be smallish in size but it's large on views. Sporting a whole seven miles of rugged California coastline, it would be a developer's dreamland. 
Too bad for those greedy speculators. The state beat them to the table by purchasing the property in 1965. Score one for the masses.

This landlubber got his seaside fix by strolling along those beaches, bluffs and one 1,000' summit. All this with a less than energetic body and mindset. (It might have been that extra 8.5% IPA I drank last night.) 

I even went for a "Sambur swim." I dipped my toe in the Pacific Ocean. Why would anyone do a full-on immersion? There's fish and other creatures doing their bodily functions in that watery mix!

Good night from Moro Bay, California.

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