Friday, September 5, 2014

Public Enemy Number One...

for years I have been harboring a conspiracy theory about our National Park Service. 
Here it is: The unofficial credo is, they don't want visitors coming to our nation's best landscapes. Guests cause problems. We make a mess, trample delicate areas, feed wildlife, make noise and ask a lot of silly questions about trails and bathroom locations. We are a hassle to them.

So...some NPS employees attempt to scare us "Joe Average Visitor" with "Lions! And Tigers! And Bears! Oh My!" Warnings ad nauseam. 

These are the employees who have gone to the "Barney Fife College of Law Enforcement"  In other words, they get carried away with their power and forget whom the tax payers are. (I never saw a bear with a W-2 in his hairy paws). 

Lisa and I were both issued Warnings about our bear-boned mistakes. Her's was the heinous crime of leaving an empty coffee cup in her vehicle. Gasp! Mine was far worse. I had a tube of sunscreen stowed in one of Barley's windowsills. Pure sociopath stuff bordering on being a mass murderer. 

My warning was issued at 10 pm. That was one helluva bored cop to be looking into Barley with a flashlight at that hour. If a civilian displayed suspicious behavior like that, someone would call the cops! 

Now, I'm not saying all NPS employees bought into this idea. I've met many helpful, informative and genuinely good people in uniform. A sincere thank you to those out there. Please continue your positive service to the community. This rant didn't apply to you. 

BTW. I still love National Parks.

Well, that's a wrap on Yosemite. Tomorrow begins a 5 night, 6 day backpack into Kings Canyon National Park. Shhh! Don't rat on me about this blog! 

Live long and prosper,

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  1. Great adventures Jeff! Keep up the good work. But mind the sunscreen...