Friday, September 12, 2014

For years, I've been...

stating the Europeans make Americans look like a gaggle of "Sissy-La-Las." Those folks on the eastern side of the Atlantic are hard-as-nails tough.

Over there, no one would think of rolling around atop a scooter in a supermarket. Everyone walks and they are really good at it.

Great Britain yields the toughest of the tough.
I know this because I've been hiking and backpacking with Jonathan Deeks for years.

Jonathan embodies the True Grit of the Not-so-United Kingdom. 

He has the survivor/leadership gene of Sir Ernest Shackleton.

He's an explorer and adventurer in the mold of Captain James Cook and Doctor 
David Livingstone combined. 

Jonathan has the stamina of Robert Falcon Scout. 
He makes me look like a statue. He possesses an inhuman amount of crazy energy. He doesn't even require coffee (drugs) like me. Truly amazing.

He's smart too.

Alas, the trips with Jonathan will be coming to an end. 
Soon, he'll be trading cactus for peat.
He and his delightful wife Donna will be moving to Ireland. 

The same Donna Deeks of foodie blogger fame.
( )

We've had a great run and it's a shame it's over on this side of the Atlantic. 

Thank you Jonathan for putting up with my strange and weird Yank ways. 
Cheers and best of luck to you and Donna on the Emerald Island. 

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