Monday, July 9, 2018

Maybe I believe in God...

after all.

Seven years ago in northern Montana a vehicle struck me and my bicycle from behind. The sedan was traveling about 50 mph. I broke eleven vertebrae and one sternum while I tumbled and skidded for thirty-five feet. I woke up in a ditch. Any exposed flesh looked like I had a run-in with a belt sander. I was slathered in my own blood. The impact literally knocked me out of my shoes. I was broken,  bruised and scraped but not dead. 

The above incident changed me. Very few days go by where I don’t ponder, “How and why did I survive?” 

 I’ve come up with a few answers:

* I landed just right.

* I was wearing a helmet.

* I have strong bones.

* It wasn’t my turn to die.

* A Higher Power thinks I’m OK.

* My Mission in Life wasn’t complete.

I’m not a religious Jew. When my Mom passed in 1972, my connection to synagogues and organized prayer went six-feet under along with her. That being said, I consider myself a Jew with a 100% Kosher Soul. I’m proud to be a Member of the Tribe.

I just don’t go looking for God in a Temple on High Holy Days or Shabbat. I look elsewhere. I go to places that require effort. I sacrifice a lot of sweat. There are times I physically suffer. I think of this as a form of “paying penance” for past transgressions. It’s tough love religion. 

Ahh! But when I arrive on a mountaintop, a canyon overlook or see creatures great or small, I know I’ve been blessed for my perseverance. If I’m lucky and no other humans are around, I’ll exclaim out loud, “Thank You! This is so beautiful.” It’s never a good idea to take anyone for granted, let alone God.

Was my Second Chance bestowed on me due to unfinished business?

* Maybe to be a walking example on how bicycle helmets save lives.

* Maybe to entertain, educate and enlighten people through my Blog.

* Maybe to really become the 46th President of the US.

God works in mysterious ways. 

Lastly I think everyone should pursue their own personal Almighty, whether you find it in a Mosque, Church, Synagogue or the Great Outdoors.

Have fun, just be careful out there. Second Chances are not a given.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Presidential Platform worth...

standing upon.

“The foundation of our Empire was not laid in the gloomy age of Ignorance and Suspicion, but at an Epoch when the rights of mankind were better understood and more clearly defined, than at any former period.”

George Washington 

With this quote from America’s Founding Father, I’ll ask this simple question. How did the US devolve back to a “gloomy age of Ignorance and Suspicion” in such a short time? 

The answer is, by the Leadership of an uncaring, simple minded, bigoted, heartless Man-Child. That’s how. America the Beautiful has now become America the Badass. 

In 2020, this has got to change. 

On November 16, 2016, I entered the political fray with this announcement.

Reactions were subdued. I suppose potential constituents desire more info than a hat stating, “Make America Great Again.” Well, maybe not. 

Here’s The Basics: 

My Administration will be 100% Fake News Free. (That includes “Alternative Facts”.) A Wise Man once told me, “Jeffy! If you tell the truth the first time, your story never has to change.” So True.

My Cabinet will be a Rainbow Coalition of the best and the brightest. Candidates will be chosen regardless of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. My team will be knowledgeable and passionate about the Agency they preside over. Ryan Zinke, Scott Pruitt, Betsy DeVos, Jefferson Sessions and Ben Carson need not reapply. Integrity matters.

To sum it up. This Administration will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us God. 

As I mentioned in my last post, 

The Pillars of this platform will be Education, Environment and Enlightenment. ( Triple E for brevity ) There are subdivisions.

First E = Education: 

* The Federal Budget will reflect an increase in spending for Public Education, Arts, Humanities and Sciences. Sorry Generals the money will come from the Military. In 2015, the Department of Defense consumed 54% of the Federal Budget. Our Nation’s Priorities need a realignment. 

* Making  Higher Education available to all promising students will be a goal of this Administration. (Including Voc-Tech programs). The Federal Student Loan Program will be revamped in favor of our budding teachers, scientists, engineers, artists, doctors and mechanics. 

* I’ll sign an Executive Order requesting our Public schools begin a systematic approach to teaching US and World History. How can Future Generations learn from our past digressions when they aren’t aware of them? History must be taught in a truthful, engaging manner. We need to haul the skeletons out of our Nation’s closet. 

* As President, I’ll take a page from New York City’s legendary Mayor LaGuardia, and read to America’s Children. The program will be called “The Children’s Hour.” Instead of reading comics (per LaGuardia) I’ll read children’s books with a message of brotherhood, environmental awareness and other feel good themes. After the reading, there will be a call in question and answer period. I’ll remind the parents who are listening that learning/education doesn’t stop when the school bell rings. It’s a full-time job. I’m  sure Mr. Rogers would approve. 

Second E = Environment: 

* The EPA will regain their power and funding to monitor and protect our Nation’s Natural Resources. What good is $$$ if our future generations don’t have clean water, soils or air? Ask the folks in Flint, Michigan for an answer. 

* We will be a Worldwide Team Player.  The US will rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. No longer will climate change be considered a “Chinese Hoax.” Our Universities and research centers will be tasked to seek solutions for reducing America’s Carbon Footprint. We will lead by example. As the saying goes, There is No Planet B. 

* Grand Staircase/Escalante and Bear Ears National Monuments will go back to their original boundaries. Unless! Local communities can show this Administration a statistical boon in their economies with the rollback of acreage. Remember, this will be a fact based Administration.
This Administration will add Wilderness Areas, National Monuments and Parks. There’s never enough Wild-lands. Read why.

* The National Parks Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service and other Natural Resources Agencies will all get a healthy funding increase. 

* POTUS # 46, won’t be taking vacations on the golf courses of Florida, ( I’m too young to play the Final Sport) I’ll be hiking in our Wilderness Areas and National Parks with the Superintendents and Staff. I want to hear their reports on what’s going on at the ground level of America’s best ideas. (Wilderness Act of 1964 and Organic Law of 1916 creating the National Park Service). Ten citizens will be chosen from a lottery to join in the hike. The lucky winners will receive a T Shirt stating, “I hiked with # 46.” 

* When disasters strike (Natural or Manmade), we will utilize all of our Nation’s resources (including the Military) to put the victims lives back on track ASAP. This will be a coordinated response between all Agencies. This President will be on scene distributing handshakes, hugs, kudos, basic necessities and tunes ups if needed.  I won’t pitch paper towels at anyone. Lame excuses such as it’s “an island surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean Water.” will not be accepted or tolerated. 

Third E = Enlightenment 

* Our Nation’s Birth occurred in the Age of Reason or Enlightenment.  (From Wikipedia, a time of “advance ideals like liberty, progress, tolerance, fraternity, constitutional government and separation of church and state. “) My Administration’s goal will be to go “back to the future.” We will work at becoming a kinder and gentler Nation. Here’s a few of the issues.

*  Reasonable Gun Control Measures. I alone have the solution for passing legislation on Second Amendment Rights. As President I’ll invite all the Congressmen and Women who are monetarily suckled by the NRA to the White House. As they walk toward the Oval Office, they will negotiate a gauntlet of graphic images from the killing fields of Las Vegas, Nevada, Parkland, Florida and Sutherland Springs, Texas.  Once seated, I will ask by a show of hands, “Who gets my point?” The ones who have been morally shaken will be thanked and dismissed. Those Congress people left sitting will hear from three survivors of the carnage. Their stories will relate to what it’s like to come under fire at an outdoor concert, a school or in a church. If they are still unmoved, I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing one day they will have to answer to a higher power than the POTUS. 

* A Zero Tolerance Policy on any and all Hate Crimes. Our Federal Law Enforcement Agencies will be placed on notice to pursue and prosecute individuals and groups who single out victims based upon their race, religion or sexual orientation. In other words, go after the miscreants who break the Golden Rule. 

* A workable Foreign Policy. No longer will the US alienate our Allies. We will once again treat these countries in a respectful manner. There will be no more Bullying! The US will build bridges instead of walls to further the notion of World Peace. Our Nation will cease snuggling up to countries led by despots. Russia will once again be classified as “an Evil Empire.” (Quote from President Reagan’s speech in 1983).

* We will have immigration reform without breaking families apart. Period.

*  All National Championship Teams will be invited to the White House. I don’t give a coin toss if any players exercised their First Amendment Rights to drop a knee. (I can’t wait to see the photos of me shaking hands with an NBA center!)

* Declare Kwanhanumas a National Holiday. A display of unity in a divided Land. (Kwanza, Hanukkah and Christmas)

* Tax Relief for the poor and middle class will be a National goal. “Trickle Down” economics doesn’t work. From Wikipedia: “A 2012 study by the Tax Justice Network indicates that wealth of the super-rich doesn't trickle down to improve the economy, but it instead tends to be amassed and sheltered in tax havens with a negative effect on the tax bases of the home economy.” 
Zero are the number of billionaires who withheld another Get richer scheme because they would have to pay more in taxes. Sorry, Koch Brothers, it’ll be time for you to open your wallets to fund the government instead of funding your legislative lackeys. 

In summary, America will be managed for the long term. Our style will be predominantly non-confrontational, orderly and relaxed. No longer will citizens wake up each morning and ask, “What the #@&* is going on today?” The days of chaos will be behind us. Good riddance to them. 

Finally the 800 pound gorilla in the room. As of this posting, I’m still lacking a First Lady. The American People won’t take me seriously without one. So.... my people have been talking to Melania’s people. There’s a possibility we can “flip her” to my side. However she will have to leave That Infamous Jacket behind with her Ex.

Please vote in the upcoming Midterm elections. Give my Administration a Congress who desires to Make America Civil Again. Together we can Drain the Cesspool. 

Thank You!
I’m Jeff Sambur and I approve of this platform. Feel free to share it with friends and family. 

If there’s a groundswell of support, I’ll start a GoFundMe campaign. Your donations wouldn’t  go toward legal fees or hush money to an overpriced Porn Star. Trust me on that.

Last photo: A young constituent asked me to pose with her for a selfie shot. The word is getting out. 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Szyja Sambor was my father’s

 name when he debarked from the SS Pilsudski in NYC on November 6th, 1937. The ship’s manifest classified him a “Polish Hebrew.” My father was then 18 years young.

His traveled solo with a one way ticket. He left his family and friends behind in Byzaziny, Poland to deal with the newest wave of racism and bigotry. Upon arriving in the Big Apple, Young Szyja noticed there wasn’t a Welcome Wagon for recent immigrants. He quickly discovered the streets of America weren’t paved in gold either. He saw challenges and hard work ahead. Fortunately, he was a fast learner. 

With his talent of placing needle and thread to cloth, he scored a job. Eventually he paid off his debts, became proficient in speaking, reading and writing English and got his own pad. He was wise enough to date a recent Jewish  immigrant with a beguiling smile named Clara Zinn. 

By September 1939, WW II had officially begun. On December 8, 1941, America entered the melee. In December 1942, Dad was drafted by the Army. Uncle Sam declared him to be “White, not yet a citizen.”

Read all about my father’s Military Days: 

When my Dad was attending Bootcamp in Tennessee, he petitioned to become a naturalized US citizen. On July 30th, 1943 Szyja Sambor became the more Americanized Sidney Sambur. Apparently, Sidney thought the name change would help ease his transition in this strange New World. 

I told you he was a fast learner. 

After the War, Sid and Clara married. In a six year span three healthy (but short) boys emerged. Expectations were subtlety placed upon us. We were all going to attend college. Period. 

While growing up, we were taught to admire and respect learned people. “Jeffy! That man’s a Doctor!” Instant awe. My parents saw education as a tool to advancement in our adopted country. All this from folks whose education was interrupted by World events. Dad’s formal schooling was done by the 9th grade. Mom finished 11th grade.

We boys did better. My oldest brother earned a Masters in Education. Mike has two degrees. I was the slacker with a Bachelor of Sciences. However, my education didn’t end in 1976 with that diploma. 

I’m an avid reader of non-fiction. I yearn to learn. Since Black Tuesday, (AKA Election Day, 2016), I began digesting US History books. I’ve done this for two reasons.

One)  I knew history would provide an answer on how a mean-spirited, uncaring,  unethical, incurious, racist low-life could attain the highest office in our Land. Yes. The answers are in our Nation’s history. 

Two) I’m still reading. I want to better prepare myself for what lies ahead.  I want to be an educated World Leader. On November 16, 2016, I tossed my Death Valley National Park baseball cap into the Presidential ring.

 I know. It wasn’t a major media event. Maybe I should have sent out a Tweet. 

So...what’s my point in going ad nauseam about Education (including Vocational Technology)? 

Education will be one pillar of my “Triple E” platform for my Presidential run. If you want to find out what the other two are....Drumroll. You will need to read the July 4th Blog. This Administration will be the start of a new Independence Day.

Sid and Clara Sambur would have been pleased to know their little baby boy became the 46th President of the US. It’s not as impressive as becoming a Medical Doctor, but it’s a close second.

Thanks Dad for the gift of education.

Special Thanks to Big Al (AKA Badger Boy) for his in depth research on Sambur family history. 

Cheers to all Dads, past, present and future.

PS. For those who might enjoy a BIGLY list of my favorite non-fiction reads, I can forward you a copy. Just ask!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

My Mother Never Spoke...

about the Holocaust.

While growing up, my brothers and I weren’t  privy to the “How”my Mom and her family escaped Nazi held Austria. The few details we had were murky at best. 

In 1939, Clara Zinn emigrated from Vienna. She might or might not had been with her two siblings or her parents on the NYC bound ship. The European country she debarked from was also part of the mystery. 

What we knew was this. The Zinn family settled in New York. Young Clara met Sid Sambur on a blind date. After the War, they married and got down to business of raising three sons. I’m the youngest.

When it came to those tumultuous WW II years, the unofficial Sambur policy was “Don’t ask. Don’t tell.”  Clara nurtured, hugged and loved her Boys. We were blessed by the best Mom in the World. When life is good, why ask questions? So we didn’t. 

In 1972, God recalled an Angel back to Heaven. Mom was 52. 

I was 17. 

Years went by. I emigrated to Colorado. One day, Sid (My Dad) phoned me. 

“Jeffy! I have bad news. Grandma Zinn passed away.”

“ Oh! That’s so sad! She was such a sweet woman. I loved her.” 

Sid never minced words, “Don’t feel so bad. She wasn’t your real Grandma. Clara’s Mom was killed in the Holocaust.” 

Who knew?

Now we live in times where it’s in vogue to speak your mind, to tell it like it is. “Alternative Facts” are fine as long as you say them in a convincing manner. America now has a Racist Mentor occupying the White House. The Commander in Tweet believes American Immigrants should be predominantly White Christians from Norway. (But only if they are not handicapped). In Trump’s geopolitical world other countries are “shit holes.” 

Presently, there is no such thing as a politically correct pause button. Wannabe candidates reckon if the President can get away with trash talk, so can they. 

In this political climate change, is it any wonder Patrick Little is currently ahead of all other Republicans in California’s Primary race for Senate? Mr. Little (minded), is running under a platform of unabashed Anti-Semitism. The State Republican Party disavows his strong beliefs. Yet, this SS Stormtrooper in a suit could be on November’s ticket. 

Other States have similar like minded losers under the guise of being Republicans as well. Are these true American values? 

Back in 1974, then Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz, made a joke about the Pope. Catholics rose up en mass to condemn his low brow comedy routine. He kept his job after a half hearted apology. Two years later, Mr Secretary verbalized an off-color jibe about Blacks. A wave of outrage forced him out of office. 

Where is the outrage in 2018? 

A recent survey of American millenniums (18-34 of age) reported  22% were unaware of the Holocaust. Education is the key to combat racism. If the human race aspires to evolve, it’s imperative we learn from our sordid past. 

My Mother never spoke about the Holocaust, but “We the People” need to.

RIP Mom. I still miss you. 

Last photo: it’s a shame my wonderful nephews never met their wonderful Grandma. 

Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Road Trip Like...

no other.

That’s a good thing. 

I’m now in the waning days of a three month-plus on the road again trip. I’ll say it now. This tour has been the most challenging in the six years I’ve been Homeless by Choice.

It all began on February 12th after a six month hiatus from sleeping in a movable object. I had great expectations and high hopes for another worthwhile Barley the Van  roll through the Southwest. It was not to be. It’s was a stuttering, puttering and plodding quarter of a year. 

Why is that? Jeffy? 

Most of the reasons had been weather related. 

I spent a month in Death Valley National Park. Normally, average temperatures are pegging the orgasmic range. ( 74-82 degrees.) I was scoring low 60’s with a wind from Santa Claus’ address. On one hot (for a change) windy day, two date palm trees at Furnace Creek Resort were whipped down. It takes a lot of push to make an old palm tree go horizontal. 

All in all, wind was a constant unwanted companion. I’d say a typical week yielded three days of 25 mph plus breezes. Oftentimes my sleep was interrupted. I wish I could report it was the “When this Van is rockin‘ don’t come knockin’” type of motion. But it wasn’t. It was the damn wind.

You can now find my name in the Guinness Book of Records for the highest CPM of the wind. (Curses per Minute). 

This caused my route selection to be determined by the Weather Channel app. 

Instead of heading to the wild lands I wanted to revisit IE: Escalante region or the Cedar Mesa Areas Of Utah. (Too icy or too wet). I sojourned to warmer places such as Palm Springs, CA. ( probably not the best choice for a straight male looking for a girlfriend ) and Borrego Springs, CA ( a pleasant surprise. ) 

I was in reaction mode of travel instead of an action mode. 

Towards the end of this trip, I surrendered when the forecast turned malicious. I said “Screw it!” and headed to beer and 420 friendlier Colorado. The thought of spending another night in Blanding, UT (yawn) would have had me reaching for Prozac. I couldn’t do it. 

Don’t misunderstand me, it wasn’t all painful. I caught a weather break in Zion and Canyonlands, Those National Parks proved to be the Apex of the nasty spring of 2018. There were a few other “Eureka!” moments, but not that many. 

It was a shame Mother Nature didn’t cooperate. I was so hoping for an easy, gentle transit through the Southwest. I wanted to be reminded on why I live this homeless, nomadic and sociable Hermit-like existence. It didn’t happen.

For the first time of Barley the Van travel, I caught the loneliness bug. It was a virus I thought I had immunity to. The malady made me introspective. 

Back in 2013, Robin (the best sister-in-law in the World) asked me if I enjoyed living and traveling in a Van. I quickly answered, “Yes! It feels right!”

On this Southwest sashay, It rarely felt right.

I’m now in Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park. I’ll admit it. It feels right to be in my “Home” State. 

If future road trips are as rough as this one, I’ll buy an immovable address somewhere in the “Centennial State.”

It might be time for a change...


Sunday, April 29, 2018

“Cause you got to have friends.”

Bette Midler.

The world has many National Park groupies. I’m one of them. Among us Natural Wonder aficionados, we all harbor our favorites. That’s the Park where just hearing the name causes our involuntary systems to kick in. Our heart pumps an extra thump. We don our happy faces. It’s a lovesick reaction to a place that’s special to us. It’s a feeling of friendship. 

For me, it’s Canyonlands National Park in Utah. I’ve been visiting this“Wilderness of Rock” for over a quarter of a century. Throughout those years, I’ve shared the Park with a few girlfriends. I have lots of smirky memories from those times. It’s a true sign of friendship and respect when you show off your significant other to an Old Buddy.

On this visit to Canyonlands, I came unattached. A condition I’m feeling less and less thrilled about. But Hey! That’s what friends are for. The good buddies pick you up, dust you off and push you back out on the trail. Canyonlands knows me. Hitting the trails is just what I needed.

So...for a week, I woke at first light. After my morning rituals, I hit the trail. I then performed my two-pot of coffee trot past other Early Risers for the first few miles. When the sounds of strangers huffing and puffing were a distant memory, I’d ease off on the throttle. I wanted to spend quiet, quality time with an Old Pal. It’s more meaningful that way. The truly wonderful thing is not once did Canyonlands kvetch, “You never call. You never write.” It’s a guilt free relationship. 

Enough about my buddy-ship with an inanimate object. Let me “learn” you about Canyonlands National Park. A good way to describe CNP is this way. How can a Park have three Districts and each one be so different? 

There’s Island in the Sky with it’s Big Views. It’s the closest to Moab and the most visited. The Mesa is attached to the mainland by a narrow neck. When geological erosional forces eventually win, this will truly be an Island in the Sky. It contains the mountain bike friendly 100 mile White Rim Trail. (Been there, done that five times). 

There’s the Maze, a convoluted and contorted  District which requires a more-than-macho 4x4 vehicle to conquer. I’ve been there one time. I’d love to go back. It’s aMazing. BTW. There’s no toilets, water or 7/11’s. What you lug in, must come out, plus your poop. Read all about it.

Included in the Maze District is Horseshoe Canyon. A separate unit housing the mystical and beguiling rock art of the Grand Gallery. Look but do not touch. It’s other claim to fame is being the canyon Aron Ralston stumbled into after amputating his own arm. But that’s another story. 

Lastly there’s my most cherished, The Needles District. It contains 60 miles of interconnecting trails of Joy. It’s accessible and intimate. I hiked most of them this past trip. The Needles rocks. 

All told Canyonlands is 527 square miles of Wild Lands. It receives less than a million visitors a year. Not bad-yet. The Park was established in 1964 (the same year as the Wilderness Act). It’s a young Park despite an over 300 million year geologic age. (Yes! Older than Adam and Eve.) 

I’ll wrap this up with a Canyonlands birthing story.

In the early 60’s, Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Floyd Dominy escorted Secretary of the Interior Steward Udall on a flight over the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers. Dominy pointed down and said that would be the site of his “next” big dam. Udall thought not so much. That will be the confluence of my next big National Park. 

Every now and then, the Good Guys win. 

Cheers to more winnings. 

From windy (again) Blanding (yawn) Utah

Last Photo. I bought property.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Somethings Shouldn’t be Collected...

In the early 80’s, I went backpacking with three other firefighters to Utah’s Grand Gulch   region. It’s a beautiful canyon system featuring many rocky alcoves containing archeological wonders. On the hike, we came upon Turkey Pen Ruin. The site was substantial. There was an intact Kiva ( a round roofed ceremonial structure dug into the Earth ), a ladder leading down to the Kiva, tiny corn cobs, pot shards and a turkey pen. 

The turkeys weren’t utilized as the main dish at a pre-White Folks Thanksgiving Day Dinner. No. It was all about their feathers. The Ancient Ones used the plumage for making blankets and accessorizing their clothes. Turkeys were prized processions. 

We treated this outdoor museum with the respect it deserved. We took photos and nothing else. We walked away with a “how cool was that?” feeling. 

In 2012, I shouldered my backpack for a solo trip into Grand Gulch. I was looking forward to seeing Turkey Pen Ruin once again. Sadly, it had been ruined. The kiva, the ladder, the corn cobs, the pottery shards and the turkey pen were gone. Apparently, all had been plundered. The only things left were a few crumbly walls and rooms. 

I felt violated. Worse is the fact future generations have now been denied a “how cool was that?” moment at Turkey Pen Ruin. A few short sighted miscreants, vandals and clueless bastards screwed it up for all of us. A pox on them. 

I’ve visited many Ancient Ones ruins in the Southwest. Unfortunately the above story is not unique. Most of the sites have been demolished and plunked over. It’s gotten to the point where I’d rather hike to a rock art panel than a ruin site. It’s harder for the trouble makers to mess with pictographs and petroglyphs. 

Although they try. In Marble Canyon in Death Valley National Park, Bad People hauled in a battery powered drill for the purpose of creating modern day pictographs. Others scrawled on or nearby the ancient petroglyphs. 

Could someone please explain this antisocial behavior to me? Which leads me to another story...

A few years ago, I had the displeasure of being seated next to a hard drinking, dry coughing, turquoise wearing Wyoming drugstore cowboy at a group Happy Hour. He must have heard about the Wandering I do in the West. Between sips of his straight up whiskey, he asked me, “Ever come across Native Artifacts out there?” 

“Occasionally, but not that often. Most have been carted away by now.” 

He looked at me with Jack Daniel eyes and asked, “Well, do you keep them when you find them?”

“Hell No! First off, it’s against the law. (Archeological Resources Protection Act of 1979). Secondly, it’s wrong to take what really doesn’t belong to you. The artifacts found on Public Lands belong to everyone. Wouldn’t it be nice to have lots of people find an arrowhead on the ground than for one person to steal it?” 

He gave me a slurry response, “Well, that’s stupid. If you don’t take it the next person will.”

Folks! That’s the mindset which triggers the pilfering of Turkey Pen Ruin to happen. There’s too many people carrying feelings of entitlement. All for the sake of owning an old bauble. It’s a sad commentary about humanity. The future generations will understandably curse us once they discover what we’ve robbed them of.

Speaking of robbery. The Cedar Mesa/Grand Gulch area has recently been removed from National Monument status and protection. Shame on President Anti-Conservation and Secretary of Interior Toady Zinke  Your Grandkids will curse them too.

For further readings: “Finders Keepers” by Craig Childs 

For more blogs by opinionated W W J’s, please check out:

Don’t be a Meanie.  Leave the good stuff in place for everyone’s enjoyment.