Saturday, May 13, 2017

Losing your Mother at...

the age of seventeen is miserable.

To this day, I think about how much I missed out on. I never got to know Clara Sambur as an adult. I never got the chance to have real conversations with her. I was denied the opportunities to get her opinions on how I was maneuvering through life. I've always felt cheated.

Would she have approved of my choices or just smiled and went along with them? 

I'll never know the answer.  What I do know is she gave me my smile. She gave me my love of the written word. She gave me my nurturing and affectionate side. She taught me the joy of giving and receiving hugs. She gave me my ability to herd someone with a gentle touch on their elbow. She passed on her bliss of being in the sun's snuggling rays. 

Mom! You passed on my best traits in those seventeen years of knowing you. 

Thank you! 

I wish you were around a whole lot longer.
You would have made me a better all-around human.

I still miss you.

Friday, May 5, 2017

A Day in the Life of...

a Wandering Wondering Jew.

People ask me "what is it you do on a typical day?" (Well, people really don't ask me that, but I needed a lead in for this post.) 

I start by waking up. This is far better than the alternative of not waking up. Therefore, I'm in the plus column when I open my eyes. 

Then I'll have two strong pots of Starbucks coffee while watching the sunrise. If my legs ain't twitching something is wrong. Breakfast is a large veggie omelette to nourish me for the "Event of the Day." 

The day's highlight is usually a 6-16 mile hike in a pretty place. I.E. National Park or Monument or Wilderness Area. If the place isn't so pretty, then it's called a work out hike. Either way, I'm in motion. I shoot photos, think a bunch and generally keep to myself as I make my way through the scenery. Lunch is taken while sitting on a soft rock in front of a potential picturesque photo op. My midday break consists of a PB&J sandwich and a few Cutie oranges. 

I'm no Foodie.

Then, I'll return to camp, clean up, do a few "grown up things," read, maybe even blog. Eventually, Happy Hour rolls my way. Dinner is whatever canned or boxed meal grabs my attention. 

Sunsets are of an Impressionist painting variety. It's worth staying up for. Oftentimes I'll give a silent IPA toast to a good day. Afterwards, I get horizontal while curled up with a non-fiction book or my Mini-IPad. About an hour later, it's lights out.

But wait! I know what you're thinking. Is that it? 

Yes, it's a simple, quiet life. 
When I'm on a outstanding Wellness Roll, my biggest stressor is keeping my beer icy.

It's not all sun and games though. In this recent Southwest meanderings, there was an eight day span of toe-numbing winds slamming down from the Land of Nanook of the North. I was forced to spend too much time in Barley the Van's 66 square feet of livable space. (Perspective First Ladies take note: Half of that space is an almost Queen-sized comfy bed.) 

With inclement weather, things can get claustrophobic real fast. 

I'll  admit at times like these, I begin to question the smarts of my grey matter. Illness or injuries will do this to my psyche too. 

Ahh! It's all about the weather. When the sun nuzzles me like a Mother hugging her infant, and the temperature is just right; it's hard to beat this outside the box lifestyle. Being in beautiful playgrounds helps too. 

It's not a life for people who need people. It's not a life for Party Animals. It's not a life for people who aren't comfortable in their own skins. So far, it's working for me, although female type company would be nice. (I'd buy a bigger van!)

That's pretty much a typical day. 

Now I'll digress: Why do I blog? 

A) Once in a Total Eclipse Time Frame someone compliments me on a post. That makes me smile.

B) I'll keep posting just in case I ever decide to write Book Number Two. Did you know I wrote an IPPY Award Winning book? Penning a good yarn is like any other skill. Use it or lose it. 

C) However, the biggest reason I blog is because I know this lifestyle is finite. One day for whatever reason, I'll have to give this Wandering Wondering up. My blog will be my memories. I'll read the posts, look at the pictures and think, "I used to do some pretty cool stuff!" 

I'll miss this life when I won't be able to do it anymore.

Although, there's still a stigma about the single guy in the white van...

Last photo: I always make it a point to visit Old Friends.

Life is about the motion.
Keep wandering.