Friday, September 19, 2014

Morgan Pass, John Muir Wilderness...

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks" John Muir

I woke up knackered! I was undergoing a low battery morning despite two pots of coffee. A glance at the sky showed more gray masses blocking out the Robin's egg blue background. The smell of burning trees hung heavy in the air from a distant fire. My motivation stunk on ice.

However, the thought that doing a laundry would be the highlight of my day drove me and Barley up to Little Lakes Trailhead. I soon found out I made the right choice. My sweaty laundry could wait.

There's mentions on Google of folks motoring up this pass. I saw a relic of a chassis so it must be true. All that was prior to the Wilderness Act of 1964. No! No! No! To motorized vehicles or even bicycles. Good, it's quieter that way. 

I'm heading in mañana for two nights of my last hurrah backpack trip into the Sierra Nevada. When the pounds of clothes your carrying outweighs the food items, it's time to call it a season. 

The area is named the Palisades, and it won't disappoint. Nothing here has so far.

From one of the photos, you can see the season is changing. Brrr! in the high country when the sunsets. 

Enjoy your weekend. I will...

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