Monday, September 15, 2014

Devils Postpile National Monument...

is a mere freckle compared to Yosemite, but still worth the bonus miles to gander at. After all, how often do you get the chance to see one of the best examples of columnar basalt in the world. I never even knew basalt could columnar until I witnessed it myself. Way cool.

And... If that's not enough, there's Rainbow Falls, plunging 101' along the San Joaquin River. It requires a five mile RT mosey to see Mother Natures shower. I didn't mind. 

Devils Postpile historical factoid: In the early 1900's some Bozo proposed blasting the columns to pebbles to facilitate constructing a hydroelectric dam. John Muir and his cohorts came to the rescue once again for another ecological/wilderness  save. 

America's chubbiest President William Howard Taft (340 pounds) proclaimed the site a National Monument in 1911. (I don't think our 27th president would have been able to walk those five miles).

No one would ever recall another hydroelectric dam (unless you are a civil engineer), but you will surely remember this pile of rocks. 

Cheers from Mammoth, California. 

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