Friday, September 5, 2014


Even though one out of every ten Americans resides in the "Golden State," they are a unique mob. 

And I have photos to prove it!

Photo One: Hiker Dude in American flag tights. This guy raced by me as if I were a granite boulder. It must be the tights. Anyone know where I can buy a pair?
I'll try most things to turn back the effects of Daddy Time.

Photo Two: Meet Matt, an ultralight hiker/trail runner training for a 100 mile race. I met him at noon and he had twenty miles under his shoes already. He had another thirty more to go. Next to him was all his luggage. This was his third day "out there."  My pack could eat his pack. I offered him food, but no thanks. He was existing on Cliff Bars and a yellow protein drink powder. Yummy! The funny thing was all the techno gadgets he carried: I Phone, GPS, emergency beacon and a solar charger to keep them all fed.

Nice guy. I hope he wins his race. He drinks IPAs too. 

Photo Three: Yep! The Hippy Vans can still acquire license plates in California. Lisa and I saw the van owners later on in a campground. They were an older, very serene, zen looking couple. Apparently they have never been jaded (like me)  by modern society! Good on them!

Photo Four: Barley's newest bumper sticker. I think I'll go and get a flower for my hair.

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