Wednesday, September 24, 2014

General Sherman Tree, Sequoia National Park...

Meet General Sherman the largest living thing in the world (by a volume measurement). Standing in front of the Union Civil War hero is me, one of the smallest living things on the planet by volume.
See the difference?

Fun Big Tree Factoids: If one were able to fill this club shaped red and green behemoth with water, it would be enough liquid to fill a bathtub each day for 27 years. (Who takes baths these days anyway. Talk about "stewing in your own juices" Yech!)

The General owns a 36.5' diameter at its base. It's largest branch has a diameter of 6.8'. 

It's a good thing the Sequoia's wood is so brittle, soft and kind of a weak, or else they might have befallen the same fate as their Redwood relatives. 

As you can see from the photos, the sequoias have a lot of groupies. People from all over love to see these big fellas. I think the trees need an agent besides the National Park Service. 

Happy 5775! 

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