Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Escape from Los Angeles,

My getaway plan was simple enough. No tunnel digging required or scaling barb wire fences  and not even one hacksaw in a cake! I just figured if Barley and I were on the road by Zero-Dark Early time, we'd breeze right through the City of Angels. Wrong!

Where did all those drivers come from and who is making them? This is the down side of the Golden State. Too many humans inhabiting the place. Alas, it was a great visit though.

I'm now in Zion National Park, Utah after a brutally long  seven hour drive. OY! I'm whooped. 

The Mormon pioneers considered the Zion area to be a sanctuary. Other than the occasional flash flood (a recent deluge just took the life of a hiker in the Narrows portion of the Virgin River), it's a region of grandeur. For a few days it'll be my sanctuary too. 
I'm not planning on hiking in the Virgin River though. The waterline would be waist deep on me. The Bailey's Irish Cream colored liquid is a chilly, hyperthermia inducing 55 degrees too.
Screw that!

I'm hiking the 10-plus mile East Rim trail mañana. I already made the size large caterpillar into a hummus-like spread. No worries, I added heaps of garlic to remove the gamey taste. 

Good night from Springdale, Utah.

PS. I have three pounds of coffee and two cases of IPAs. Like a Boy Scout, I came prepared for the Beehive State. 

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