Monday, March 2, 2015

Where the Heck is...

Marfa, Texas???

It was a mystery to me until I arrived here myself. Talk about out of the way! But then again that could be said for most of west Texas. I wanted space and that's what I got in sufficient acreage. 

What sets Marfa apart from the rest of the cow s--t stomping towns in these parts is art. Donald Judd, a New York artist and art collector somehow discovered this wide spot on Highway 90. He bought buildings and filled them with artwork. Now there's at least six art galleries in a town of 1,918. 

Marfa is famous for being the backdrop of many Hollywood movies (most notably "Giant" starring James Dean.) 

Let's not forget the Marfa lights too. No one has figured out what causes these flickering, multi-colored lights seen east of town. I looked and looked but they didn't appear for this blogger. 

Marfa began as a railroad watering stop in the 1880's. I stopped at a few watering holes of a different kind. The local post master was incredulous when I told her I didn't  own a sidearm. She told me about her recent purchase of a new .38 Special. 
I was extremely polite to her.

Hey! I'm in Texas! 
Good Night Y'all

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  1. Nice. I've been wanting to check this place out. Lemme know when you are headed north.
    x Dayna