Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Borderlands National Park...

would be a more descriptive name than Big Bend. 181 miles of the park's boundary is the Rio Grande River. This puny desert stream (dry in many places due to upriver impoundments) forms the border between the U.S and Mexico. 

Down here in West Texas, the idea of two separate nations gets a bit muddled. The river is not a deterrent for people's meanderings. Green and white Border Patrol vehicles ply the paved and dirt roads. Oftentimes, they are seen sitting dormant with a sole occupant scanning the long horizons for "human sign." 

It's all seems sort of sad. A huge effort on America's part to keep the people who clean our hotel rooms, pick our fruits and vegetables, cook our meals, frame our homes and landscape our yards out. I wish the "Powers to Be" could come up with a workable solution to this quagmire.

I'm a first generation American. Sid and Clara were both from the Old World. I feel fortunate and thankful, this nation found space for the two of them. There were immigration questions then and there still are now. An answer is long overdue.

Anyway...Big Bend National Park is a pretty out-worldly looking region. 
It's the most visited place in Texas (even more than the Alamo). One must make an effort to get here. It's out of the way and off the grid. I like that, even though tonight's forecast is for cold, rain, sleet and possibly White Death. I'm hoping the inclement weather goes away soon, or I'll be going away soon. 

Good Night Y'all

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