Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been."

 "Truckin'" by the Grateful Dead. 

Mañana, I'll slowly begin to move north and west of Big Bend National Park. 

It was a weird stay down here. The weather was off, I was off and the humans I came in contact with were way off. Hence an epiphany. 

On today's twelve mile loop up and around and down the Chisos Mountains, it felt more like fall than impending spring. I crunched a lot of brown leaves underfoot. Area-code sized gangs of families, youth groups and college kids kept asking me "Are we there yet?"
My answer, "I dunno. What's your destination?" Sometimes they were less than a mile from a trailhead.
We are raising a nation of wimps! I'm not a wimp, just a cold weenie. There's a difference. 

So...tomorrow I'll take a scenic drive along the Mighty Rio Grande River, go for a hike and head back to Marfa. That's been a highlight of this tour. At least the town exudes a benign,  harmless strangeness. (Like me). 

From Study Butte RV Park (pronounced Stoody) 
Hey! I'm in Texas! High Schools spend more on football coaches than teachers. 

PS. I'm not writing West Texas off, just the month of March when the thieves are here. 

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