Wednesday, March 18, 2015

They don't call them Gila


The call them Gila Monsters for a reason. My first day back in Tucson, and I chanced upon this character on the trail. They are venomous lizards with an attitude.  If these nasty reptiles were able to purchase weapons and had trigger fingers, they would make Isis look like a bunch of Boy Scouts. I gave this Dude a wide berth as he hissed at me menacingly. If they latch onto you, they won't  let go. 
The good news is their bites are rarely deadly.
I wasn't going to test that assumption though.

I've seen about a dozen Gila Monsters in the winters I was here. Two Desert Tortoises and one Rattlesnake. I like the Tortoises the best.

Hope you had a bite free Saint Paddy's Day!

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  1. I've wanting to see a Gila monster since I was 5 years old...