Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Blooming Desert...

Just add water.

I've heard it was a wet winter in Tucson. As you can see for yourself, the opportunistic plants concur. My itchy eyes and sneezing fits concur too. 

So Jeff, what's the names of these flowers? I think they are all called pretty.  One might have been named Harriet. 

The fern must have made a wrong turn somewhere in Florida to get on that hillside. 

Another reminder, saguaro cactus' make poor shade trees. 

My hiking advice: Get an early start to see these beauties, it's warming up and they won't last forever. 

The photogenic flowers were seen at Saguaro National Park on the Hugh Norris trail. Yes, it's uphill both ways.

I'm chillin' again,

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