Friday, March 6, 2015

One side=U.S

The other side=Mexico. See the difference? Well, neither do I. 
On a blustery, cold day I hiked from Rio Grande Village (a store, gas station, laundry  and campground) to some hot springs. A few of the bathers swam across the Rio Grande and actually touched Mexico! I expected alarms to go off, but that didn't happen. 

Mexican Nationals leave goo-gags and walking sticks along the trail with requests for "donations." Capitalism is alive and well South of the Border too. 
Meanwhile our Border Patrol can fine or arrest you for doing business with these Mexican craftsmen. It's a strange world we live in. 

Speaking of strange! The temperatures are considerably below average here. This will be the second night where water will turn to ice. At least my beer is staying chilled along with me. 

Believe it or not, Big Bend is booked solid for Spring Break! Who would have thought college kids would want to party on in West Texas instead of Fort Lauderdale? Whatever happened to the days of "Beach Blanket Bingo"? 

Finding a home for Barley and me might be a challenge in the next few weeks. 

I might actually have to sleep under a bridge down by the river.

Who would have thunk it? 

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