Sunday, March 29, 2015

It Was a Hard Day's Night...

Not for me but for the three Boy Scout victims who fell prey to the chaotic whims of Mother Nature on Mount Wrightson (9,452') on November 15, 1958. 

It was a freak Arctic Express that snuffed out the lives of three youngsters. If you read between the lines, did these Boy Scouts follow the credo of "Be Prepared"? 
Probably not. However who would have ever imagined, a 72 degree morning turning into a White Death blizzard with seven foot drifts less than 24 hours later? 

They made a few fatal errors, but that's all it takes. Getting a late start. Inadequate clothing and worst of all, no real game plan for their summit bid on Wrightson. They got lost when they realized their youthful mistakes too. Not good.

Now there's a memorial on Josephine's Saddle commemorating the tragedy. I haven't seen the site in over a year. The monument seems to grow larger each time I visit. We can only hope they did "Pass to a better place" like the sign says. RIP guys.

I got an early start to avoid the heat. I never had to change into warmer gear and I didn't get lost. The weather forecast was correct too.

Be Prepared!


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