Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Two Years of Being Homeless...

I've come full circle.
It was two years ago today, that I drove away from my rental home in Tucson. An abode I occupied occasionally for four winter seasons. Now here I am in Tucson again, in a temporary rental apartment. 

I blame the whole life style change on my bicycle accident in July, 2011.


In the summer of 2012, I had healed inside and out and decided to make up for the worst year of my life. I took off on a five month road trip in Barley the Van,  I spent a lot of time hiking in our Western National Parks. It was then that I was the happiest human on the planet. I felt incredibly free.
During those months, I hardly gave a passing thought to Tucson. When I did, the thought was usually negative. The Old Pueblo never came close to feeling like home to me. I was spending a lot of time and money being in a place I didn't particularly care for.


So I had an epiphany. I have them now and then. What was keeping me from trying the wandering, wondering life for awhile? The answer was my stuff! My things were trapping me. 
In the winter of 12/13 I jettisoned most of my material possessions. It was an "Everything Must Go!" Craigslist Fire sale. 
I then entered a way of life a buddy described as such, "Jeffy! You are choosing a lifestyle most Americans are trying to avoid!"

It's been a learning experience. I found there are times to go overseas, times to sit still and a time to be on the road. http://jeffsambur.blogspot.com/2015/03/big-bend-epiphany.html

It's been different to say the least. My way of life creates interesting conversations when someone asked, "where do you live?" 

I haven't a clue to where this wandering and wondering will eventually end up. It won't be Kansas. 

If you are curious like I am, please follow along, 

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