Saturday, February 28, 2015

Land of Standing Up Rocks...

is the name the Chiricahua Apache Indians used in describing what would one day become a National Monument.  

In the National Park Service scheme of things, it's kind of small. There's about 20 miles of trails which were lovingly built by the Civilian Conversation Corp in the 1930's. When you see infrastructure in the National Parks, it's (oftentimes) CCC construction. They over engineered whatever they created. The Corp left a lasting legacy of well-made pubic works projects.
Thanks Guys! 

Today one can find quiet, big views and lots of whimsical shaped rocks. With a little imagination you can discover:  Punch and Judy, Kissing Rocks, Duck on a Rock, E.T and one Camel. Yes! I walked ten miles for a camel. (Who remembers that cigarette commercial?)

It took me awhile to maneuver, set and balance that 1,000 ton boulder. For the fans of this blog (all 20 or so of you) no biggie. Anything for a good photo op. 

Good night from Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona.
The last photo is Cochise sleeping peacefully nearby.

Next Stop Las Cruces, NM. 

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