Sunday, March 8, 2015

Touristy Terlingua, Texas...

With a living population of 58, there's more people Resting in Peace at the local cemetery than residing in the many dubious looking structures within the City? Center. 
But then again, what can one expect from a Ghost Town? 

It was a no-motivation day after my weird camping experience in Big Bend Bandits NP.

So I joined all the other tourists on Spring Break and got me an overpriced bare boned minimum hotel room in Downtown Terlingua.

This once was a thriving mining district. Cinnabar is what they extracted. It's where mercury metal comes from. The town was going gang busters in WW I. Quicksilver was an ingredient for munitions manufacturing. 

Like all mineral based economies, it's boom or bust. (Think Leadville, Colorado). The mines played out and above ground tourists (like me) now provide the cash flow. I'll stimulate the local economy with a visit to the Starlight Bar and Grill now. It's a dirty job, but some Wandering, Wondering Jew has to do it. 

Goodnight Y'all

I booked an RV site in Marfa in a few days. I really liked that town.

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