Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Tucson Pad...

Imagine if you will a capital "L." My centrally located loft apartment would be on the inside angle.

On The long side of the L is University Ave: Think Fraternity/Sorority Row, Troy and Buffy,  stores catering to the needs of UA's students, fast food restaurants, and of course bars and one brewpub. When I walk on this block, I can easily be called Grandad. 

On the other side is 4th Ave: Tattoo parlors, thrift shops, eclectic bookstores, thrift shops, restaurants running the gamut from Italian to Mayan, edgy bars, Gay bars, heavy metal music bars, biker bars  and Irish bars. There are no brewpubs. This is the Bohemian, pierced, tattooed, Goth-look and homeless side. (Remember I'm homeless by choice. There's a difference.) 

The two sides are as antipodal as one can get and still be in the same Zip-Code. In my three weeks here, I'm sure I'll vacillate between the two. It's kind of nice to sit in a College bar and be called "Sir" instead of the "Hey You!" I get on 4th Avenue. 
As far as my immediate neighborhood goes, let's just say I'm drinking my morning coffee the same time my neighbors are popping a can of Mikeaukee's Best beer. They are mellow and wave a good morning to me.

It's a people watching extravaganza whichever way I turn. 

Here's a few photos of me at rest in my humble abode. See: Sid and Clara are still watching over me as I read an IPPY award winning book.  Look closely it's "Destroying Demons on the Diagonal." 

Good morning from downtown Tucson,

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