Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mighty Seven Falls...

It's been called the Niagara of the west. (Not really). Out of the camera's viewfinder is a hydroelectric plant which generates enough electricity for the 38 million citizens of California. (Not Really II).  
What's true is: Seven Falls is the most visited attraction in the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area. This trickle of water can quickly become a raging river. In 2007, a flash flood swept two people away. Their fellow picnickers had to be rescued by helicopters from the torrents wrath. Like I've said many times in this blog; Mother Nature is beautiful if it doesn't kill you. 

I spotted my mentor along the trail. Hummingbirds are tiny, hyperactive and eat prodigious amounts of food. (Like me). They are always in motion unless in a state of torpor. 
I get a chance to sit still while I'm blogging, sleeping, reading or watching sports or a movie. Other than that I'm sort of in motion. 

On a eight mile hike, I returned with eight discarded plastic water bottles. An average of one/mile. What are these litterbugs thinking? 

Don't be a Litterbug!

I'm moving to my downtown Tucson pad today.
Thanks L&D for letting me hang with you for a few!

Good morning from the desert,

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