Monday, January 12, 2015

You Meet the Nicest People II...

On the Na Pali Coast trail. 

No! They aren't squatters. That's my brother/mentor/hero Mike and my bestest sister-in-law Robin. We are all hanging out together for a week on Kauai. 

They are newbies in the retirement game. I'll try and teach them a lesson or two about setting a comfortable pace in our non-work years. 

Retirement (as I see it) is based upon the "event of the day" and Happy Hour. After a few years, it becomes pretty routine. If you need further explanation on what constitutes an event of the day, go ahead and contact me. I'm available for a free consultation. If it's Happy Hour, I might ask for an IPA for payment. 
Such a deal!

BTW. I was the "Best Man" at Mike and Robin's wedding. I've been the Best Man for two other couples too. All three pairs of man and wife have been married now for over 115 years. 
So... If you want to get married and stay that way, ask me to be your Best Man. I'm a divorce lawyer's worst nightmare. 

Good night from Princeville,

PS. Check out the Stonedhenge monument photo. (No typo there). 

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