Thursday, January 8, 2015

Not all IPPY Award Winning Books...

Are equal. 

I shlepped this non-tome (Google the definition, I'm right) from the Mainland to Kauai. I can only judge it based upon the trail descriptions provided within its pages. (None of the other topics interest me). This literary drivel could be equivalent to the guidebook the infamous Donner Party used en route to the California coast, minus the cannabalism. 

I hiked the Powerline Trail today. Here's the info: "the trail is an old dirt road." Well, not so much as you can tell from the photo. Not only are the descriptions inaccurate, they are possibly dangerous if you follow the author's lame advice.

Take for instance, the use of flip-flops for river crossings. Is Mr. Doughty high? You and your sandals might be on a one way swim to the Pacific Ocean. The flip-flops won't be the ones screaming out for help though.
He also advises dumping water to save weight on the uphill slogs. (I won't toss drinking water until there is a faucet within reach).
He never mentions the squatters taking up space in his Na Pali Wilderness hike description. I did!

Check out the 4X4 who lost the Happy Hour "I dare you to drive your Toyota on the Powerline trail." There's probably three other vehicles beneath it.

I included a photo of a well-written, entertaining, informative and accurate IPPY gold medal winning book. 
BTW, this exciting travelogue can be found on Amazon. I hear the author has become a blogger. 

Good night from Kapaa,

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