Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thar She Blows...

Over the years you have been hunted
by the men who threw harpoons
And in the long run he will kill you
just to feed the pets we raise,
put the flowers in your vase
and make the lipstick for your face.
Over the years you swam the ocean
Following feelings of your own
Now you are washed up on the shoreline
I can see your body lie
It's a shame you have to die
to put the shadow on our eye
Maybe we'll go
Maybe we'll disappear
It's not that we don't know
It's just that we don't want to care.
Under the bridges
Over the foam
Wind on the water
Carry me home.

"Wind on the Water" lyrics by David Crosby and Graham Nash

Today, after a stroll up a ridge line (photos included), I walked a few bonus miles past the swank beach resorts on West Maui. Off shore, Humpback Whales were breaching and blowing. (The Humpback photo is a Google shot). On shore, people were standing mesmerized while taking in the aerial acrobatics of these Gentle Giants.
Every spectator displayed an enormous grin/smile. 

To think, the human race came so close to hunting the Humpbacks to extinction. At one point, 90% of this wet species were gone. There are now an estimated 80,000 Humpbacks left. 

We can only hope our great-great-great-great etc grand kids have the opportunity to see the same shoreline show. I'm sure they too will be grinning and smiling. 

It's all about pre-mating rituals for the whales in these tropical climes. Must be the warm temperatures I guess. Maybe a lot of Aloha too. 

I'm so happy we didn't kill them all. 
Good night,

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