Friday, January 30, 2015

No Maui Wowie for me...

Tomorrow I'll leave the Valley Island for a short flight to the Big Island. I like the sound of that-BIG!

For me, I can't say I felt the Aloha for this island.

Maybe it's the VOG induced coughing fits I've experienced since landing here. 

Maybe because, I'm a land based mammal and Maui is geared more to the needs of water based mammals. In other words, there wasn't enough for me to do here unless I took up aerobic, competitive shopping. 
How much time can a person spend on a beach slapping sunscreen on and flipping over?

Lastly it's a total in-your-face couples destination. The bonded pairs come in all sizes, shapes and ages. Lots of the younger units come here bearing freshly made babies. I'm tired of the twosomes stopping me (the only single person) in Lahaina to snap my photo. It hurts when they remark, "No one back home would believe this without proof." 

Rumors abound that Maui's officials will round up the dozen or so single people scattered around the island. There's talk of a possible exile on nearby Molokai Island. I guess they fear an outbreak of being single. 
Sort of a modern day version of a Leper Colony. 

Sigh! That being said, it all still beats winter on the Mainland.

Today I made a difference! These Damsels were in distress. They were  Farbluzhet (Yiddish for lost) within a quarter mile of the trailhead. I pointed them in the right direction, gave them a pep talk and walked away. I didn't want to be the third wheel again.

Maybe one day I'll come back to Maui with a girlfriend or just to shop. 

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