Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Caught up in the VOG of...


On yesterday's Haleakala hike, I felt out of sorts. I was lacking my usual vim and vigor even after my multi-gallon caffeine fix. Sore throat, itchy eyes and other "Oh! Crap! I'm catching a freaking cold" like symptoms. 

At the midway point of my ramble, I took a lunch break and chatted up with a couple of locals. I made mention of my maladies in conversation.
Here's what one said.

"Dude! You got VOG."

"What? I stay away from dirty toilet seats and sick people. What is it anyway?"

"You get it from breathing bad air after a volcanic eruption. The Big Island has been active and it drifts over here eventually." 

So when I returned to Wifi Land I Googled it.
Straight from Wikipedia. (This is why I donate to them).

 Vog contains chemicals that can damage the environment, and the health of plants, humans and other animals. Most of the aerosols are acidic and of a size where they can remain in the lungs to damage the lungs and impair function. Headaches, watery eyes, sore throat, breathing difficulties (including inducing asthma attacks), flu-like symptoms, and general lethargy are commonly reported. 

So...This is what I say. Please Pele the Goddess of Fire, take a break. I need a dose of clean air.

Here's to a VOG free day for all,

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