Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Kooky Trail...

The real name is Kukui but I'm worthless when it comes to the Hawaiian language. With only eight consonants, the words look and sound pretty similar to my "Haole" (white guy) eyes and ears. 

So...the 2,000 foot drop toward  the Waimea River didn't seem all to bad. 
The best part was meeting up with Mr. Jackson. This gentleman/hunter is nine decades worth of inspiration. 
Once I got him to confess to his age, I asked a lot of questions.
Here's our conversation.

Haole: How much does a wild pig weigh around here?

Mr Jackson: About 100 pounds.

Haole:  How much does it dress out to be? (Meaning how much pork)

Mr. Jackson: About 40 pounds.

Haole: Are you able to carry it out?

Mr Jackson: Do you see anyone else around?

I now have a new Hawaiian Hero.

Mahalo/Thank You Mr Jackson.

Most folks are true wimps (including this Haole) compared to you.
May you live longer and prosper.

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