Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Going Native...

It didn't take long for my intrepid family members to start to hang loose in Kauai. Talk about fast learners.

Tomorrow they will go on a whale watching cruise while I go for a hike. I can't keep their "Go! Go! Go!" pace up. I'm only human, I need some rest. 

Besides, I get seasick in a bathtub. I don't want to be the passenger tossing "chum" to the cetaceans. Those humpbacks have to deal with enough pollution without me fouling the waters around them. 

Speaking of whales. I saw the Michael Jordan of humpbacks today at a nearby beach. This dude leapt out of the saltwater a few times in about a minute. I'm not sure if he could slam dunk, but from my vantage point he appeared to make all the right moves. Score!

This sure beats winter,
Good night from balmy Princeville,

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