Sunday, May 10, 2015

I still miss

my Mother.

Clara Sambur exited this world when she and I were both too young. She was 52 and I was 17 at the time. In that short period she left an everlasting positive impression on me.
Funny thing is, she pulled it all off in subliminal manner. 

My smile came directly from her. No doubt about it. My affectionate and nurturing side too. In other words, she made me what I am today. A male Jewish Mother! 

Whenever Clara wasn't involved in hugging one of her three "boychiks" she could be found lounging around with an open book. She passed her love of the written word onto her baby boy. 
It wasn't like she ever sat me down and told me, "Jeffy! Read! It's good for you!" No. That wasn't her style. I guess when I saw her reading with a perpetual grin on her face, I figured it must be a good thing. So I began to inhale books too.

Losing her at the between age of 17 (not a child, but not an adult either) was the defining moment on how I turned out to be. Without her subtle guidance I developed an independent nature. Now I consider myself a sociable hermit. 

My brother Mike has come the closest to filling the mentoring void in my life. 
I might not always do what he says, but I do listen to him. 

So...Mom thanks for all you've generously given me. I wish you didn't leave Earth so soon. 

From soggy and now White Death Boulder, Colorado 
Happy Mother's Day!

Photo One: Brother Mike and I and Clara's Great Grandchild Dylan. 
Photo Two: I'm doing a bit of nurturing at a tykes Tea Party. 

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  1. Looks as if Uncle Jeff is pretty good at nurturing to me!