Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Confession...

I don't always wake up with my gas pedal floored or possess multi-espresso energy. There are times, I open my eyes with nil to low potential activity levels. On these rare days, I push myself out of Barley's door and still do something. I know I'm well into the fourth quarter of my life; I won't waste days.

So...feeling kind of wimpy, a trail with two waterfalls caught my attention. It was also unknown territory to me. "No Thoroughfare Canyon," in Colorado National Monument sounded about right. 

WOW! Was I impressed! The waterfalls were really what the name implies, even for a water challenged state like Colorado. (Remember, our liquid flows away from our borders and doesn't stick around much.) 
If that weren't enough, I scored hiking companions. There was me and my shadow, a collared lizard, a yellow flittering butterfly and a pair of red-splotchy frogs. 

I'm so glad I extricated myself out of the driver's seat and wasn't a sloth.

PS. This was the first day in Colorado's month of May from Iceland that felt like impending summer. 
 I hope it continues.

From Welcome To Fruita or as the bumper stickers say "WTF"

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  1. I think that's a tiger swallowtail. Beautiful!