Sunday, May 3, 2015


I've been beyond the Zion Curtain now for over two weeks. The natural wonders of the Beehive State are simply mind-boggling. There's five National Parks, seven National Monuments and two National Recreation Areas. A whopping 56% of Utah is public domain. I'm not leaving because of lack of sights to see. There's another unstable weather system bearing down around these parts. I'll head east to brewpub/sports bar friendlier Colorado. Visitors do not come to Utah for the staid night life. I've caught up on my sleep for awhile. 

The state of Utah knows it has a good thing going. Tourism is a blockbuster money maker here. They advertise their product on a worldwide scale. Hanging around at scenic overlooks can be like listening to a modern day "Tower of Babel." Without the influx of outside dollars, many communities would revert back to the good old days. In other words, the predominantly Mormon communities of Springdale, Escalante and Torrey would be be all about farming, ranching and procreating. I think there's still plenty of the latter going on. 

So why would Utah's state representatives want the Federal Government to hand back 20 million acres to the state? Could they do a better job of managing with a more limited budget? I think not. Besides, it makes no sense to buy the cow when the milk is free. Federal land ownership is not perfect, but better than the alternative. 

That's my Bud Light's beer worth of politics for the evening. 

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