Friday, May 8, 2015

It's more than a huge litter box...

The Great Sand Dunes National Park is another "What the Heck!" is going on here oddity of the San Luis Valley. This high valley (average altitude 7,600 feet) is home to an alligator park, a UFO viewing platform, the legacies of the Spanish Land Grants and numerous farms growing potatoes, alfalfa and Barley. (Not my van). In certain towns, English is a second language. Green chile and breakfast burritos are standard fare in the cafes and diners. The SLV is one of my favorite regions of Colorado. 

Back to the Dunes: The San Luis Valley is hemmed in between the San Juan and the Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges. The winds here are relentless are don't believe in time outs. The more-than-never-ending breezes vacuumup the topsoil as it rolls along the valley floor. Boom! The winds strike the obstruction of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. The earthy grains drop out. Wallah! Instant (geologically speaking) Great Sand Dunes National Park. 

That's your lesson for the day.

Great Sand Dunes park is another Colorado wonder. Visit it. Make an effort to spend some coin in the nearby communities. This is one of the poorest regions of the Centennial State. But, thats another story. 

Final photo: I don't always hike alone, I had Ladybug company. 

Happy Friday,

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