Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Good buddy Governor David...

Y. Ige finally got around to responding to my complaint of the squalid conditions at the Na Pail Coast Wilderness on Kauai, Hawaii. 

Here's Governor Ige's response.  (Well, probably not David but at least an underling.)

Dear Mr. Sambur:

Mahalo for contacting my office on 1/9/2015 about the condition of the Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park.

In my experience, many of the best ideas for making positive change in State government and for the people of Hawaii come from collaboration with members of the community.  Similarly, when input is shared, it gives us the opportunity to assess the issue and take an appropriate course of action.  Be assured that your input will be thoughtfully considered as decisions are made.

Again, thank you for taking the time to convey your thoughts.  Together we can build a better home for your keiki, kupuna, and all the residents of Hawai'i.


David Y. Ige
Governor of Hawai'i

In early January 2015, I sent the Governor this blog post with a few photos.

It's my most popular post to date. I didn't include a lot of the nastiness and trash which disappointed me so during my stay there.

Here's a few more photos to show I was making statements and not stories on my blog.                 Shame on those thoughtless few who trashed our wild areas.

Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend. Please take a moment to ponder the meaning behind the day off from work. It's more than just a barbecue.  

Thank You,


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