Sunday, February 22, 2015

Goodbye to HI...

"Relax" is the slogan often seen on Tommy Bahamas products.

 I've been on Hawaii for 10 weeks, I'm ready to move onto another slogan. Hell, I'll even try Nike's lame, "Just do it!" motto. I'm weary of sitting. I'm failing at being a Beach Bum.

I'm not a water based mammal. I'm terrestrial. I have a college degree in forestry, not oceanography.

I've run out of things to do. Before you scoff and think, "how can anyone grow tired of Paradise?" Hear me out.

Hawaii's land mass is 4.1 million acres. Public lands make up 43%. Sound good so far,  right?  However, stats can be conceiving. 

The Feds own about 9%. Most of these acres lie in the two Volcanic National Parks. That's cool, but limited amount of hiking. Our Mighty Military controls the remaining acres which they have exclusive rights to. It's not a good idea to pick wild flowers on their installations. 

The rest of the public land is owned by the state of Hawaii. The Aloha State Government does an admirable job with its oceanside properties. Makes sense, since most of the locals and tourists love to frolic in the salt water of the islands.

Unfortunately, the Hawaiian State Parks system seems to manage with a laissez faire approach to its anterior land holdings. It's a free for all in there.
Where there is fresh water, more than likely you will find squatters. 

The majority of the islands land mass is privately owned. Land ownership is a highly charged, complicated and contentious issue among the native Hawaiians. (Isn't it always with indigenous people?) Suffice it to say, the locals got screwed by the Haoles (white folks). 
You can't flip an apple core without striking a "No Trespassing, Private Property" or the Hawaiians version "Kapu" sign in these parts.

So...Jeffy what's your point?

I've stayed a week too long on small islands.
I would have to sprout gills, fins and scales to find more to do here. (All the requirements of a Kosher fish)
I'm used to places like the Weiminuche Wilderness in Colorado for my wandering ways. I need my space!

Next winter, I'm thinking Central or South America or both for my getaway. I'm open to ideas and suggestions.

Would I return to the Aloha State? Heck yeah! Maybe (God Willing) as a couple so I'll fit in more. 

This sure beats winter.

Next stop! Our Mainland's Southwestern National Parks. Ahh! 

Does anyone know a cure for tendinitis of the butt? I've developed a bad case from all this sitting. 

See the last photo? I wasn't making this VOG stuff up! 

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