Monday, February 16, 2015

A Long Day to (Cough! Cough!)...

Volcanoes  National Park 

The nice Ranger assured me there's nothing wrong with breathing the air in the park.

"Today, the sulfur dioxide isn't too bad. Besides it's the particulate matter that's the real problem. It's kind of like gasified glass."

Hmmm. Nothing like inhaling a ground up beer bottle while hiking.

The 7.5 mile trail is between two venting  volcanoes. The Big Island is a volcanologist wet dream. 

The landscape is featureless. The color varies from charcoal black to asphalt black. It's the Goth look living large. 
Finding your way through this geologic maelstrom would be nearly impossible if not for the cairns acting as beacons through the chaos.

As you can see from the photos the lava flows destroys rain forests and public work projects with equal impunity. 

I've had my fill of Volcanoes National Park. I prefer my volcanoes to be like Mount Saint Helens. There you can find Mother Nature working overtime. A lot less bleak. I like that. 

Should I be worried about the blood in my sputum? 

Good Night from Cough! Cough! Kona,


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