Wednesday, February 25, 2015

An ocean free day...

It went well! 

I spent quality time with the Saguaro cacti around Scottsdale. 

Fun Facts about Carnegiea gigantea. 

First off. They are named in honor of Andrew Carnegie. Andy is famous for US Steel and building beautiful libraries. His bibliothecas stand out in unusual places like Walden and Trinidad, Colorado. I can spot one a zip code away. 

Two: They can weigh over a ton and grow to 40 feet tall. An arm sprouts after 75-100 years. The specimens who go armless are named spears. I think calling them an exclamation point is more accurate.

Three: Like me, they are cold weenies. After a few hours of below freezing temperatures, they'll perish.

Four: They make crappy shade trees. 

I saw a Humpback whale expelling a breath nearby. It must have got horribly lost! No. That's the man made geyser of Fountain Hills. Robert McCulloch (of chain saw fame) had it built to draw folks to his planned community. He's also the dude who had London Bridge reconstructed over the Colorado River in Lake Havasu City. Rumors abound he thought he was buying the much more ornate Tower Bridge. Whoops! 

I hear an IPA calling my name and I must go. 

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