Monday, February 2, 2015

Why I didn't summit 13,796' Mauna Kea.

Let's see, the dog ate my  PB&J bagel and I was starting to Bonk, so I ate the hound? Nope that won't work. 

Here's the truth. It was too freaking frigid and body slamming windy for a guy who prides himself on avoiding the Season of Death at all costs. My extremities were getting numb (my nose is an extreme extremity of mine). 
There was White Death on the trail. I didn't step on it.

I missed my mark by two miles and 680.46' of the summit. Half of the distance would have been road miles. Yes, I not a total wimp, most Haoles (white folks) drive to the top. 

I did make it to Lake Waiau sitting at 13,115.54' (I love "My Altitude" app). There were no bikini clad beauties there. Maybe a few hardy Ski Bunnies if conditions were right. 

The lake is another Hawaiian sacred place. There's a gazillion of them in the Aloha State. Jerusalem might be the only area on Earth with more sacred places. When in doubt in Hawaii tread softly. 

Mauna Kea is the highest point in Hawaii and it too is a sacred place. It's so special there's a paved road to the top! 

I am still coughing from VOG. In one photo I captured the culprit spewing noxious gases. Everyone hacks here, even non-smokers like me. It was a first for me to be wheezing at altitude. Clean air is so overrated!

Sleep well Mainland and beyond.
I'm knackered!

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