Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Land Ho!

Arizona is the antimatter of Hawaii. There's barely any water, just dirt-dry land all around. I was ready for this look.
I'll miss Hawaii's breaching and blowing Humpback Whales and those bold Green Turtles though.
I won't miss black lava rock.

I shot these photos from Mighty Camelback Mountain in the wilds of Scottsdale after my midnight flight from hell.

Tell us Jeffy, why was it the flight from Hades? OK. I'll tell ya.

A retired pilot (you would think he would understand "red eye" travel and the need for sleep) yammered away the entire flight. He apparently had a captive audience. We were all trapped! 
I knew there was a lot of Blarney spewing from his trap when I overheard this.

"I told Wilbur and Orville, tweak the propeller and wing shape and you'll get this contraption to fly!" 

I'm beat, I'm drinking a great IPA and I'm happy to be back on the Mainland.

I'm torn on whether to get tomorrow's workout in A) Scottsdale's Fashion Square or B) hike a nearby mountain. Decisions. Decisions.

I think I'll go with Choice B.

Barley the Van says Yo to everyone too.

Chiricahua National Monument here we come!

Be well.
I like land. It's easier to hike on. 

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