Sunday, February 1, 2015

Where Captain James Cook...

Met his Sailmaker. 

All was quiet, scenic and serene at Kealakekua Bay today. There was one history buff (me), snorkelers and three Humpback whales. It's a lovely place.

It wasn't  so peaceful for Captain Cook on February 14, 1779. This cove was the site of his brutal murder. In fact, the perpetrator is known. It was Prince Kalaimanokaho╩╗owaha (wouldn't Prince Kal be easier to say?) who struck the first blow swinging a mighty club. His accomplishes finished the great explorer, navigator and cartographer off. 
Those Hawaiians sure have funny gift giving ideas on Valentine's Day!

I'm think Cook would have preferred chocolates or flowers.

So what caused this fatal skirmish? 
Stuff! The Natives took a small boat from the Brits and by golly, they wanted it back.

I'm a guy who jettisoned 98% of his stuff. I never miss my former belongings, although having a printer would be handy at times. So take it from me, it's just stuff. Don't get hurt over it.

Good night on Super Bowl Sunday.

PS. Those are yellow fishes in the saltwater picture. Can't you tell?

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