Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This is what I...

know about food, if you don't eat, you get hungry. If you get hungry, it impedes your forward progress, If you can't move forward, then there's no hiking or biking. Worse yet, that first IPA will slam you like a World Wide Wrestling Federation bully. So I eat, even though I'm not a foodie.

However, I know there are people who actually taste their food. They even take sexy photos of food they lovingly prepare. (I can make a cheese/veggie wrap in about a minute flat). 

So I would like to introduce Donna Deeks to you all. 

Donna 's photos are food center folds! Her commentary is well written, interesting and grammatically correct too. (Unlike mine) There's even recipes.

Please check out Donna's Blog. Not only can she cook, she's a sweetheart too. Her husband Jonathan is a lucky dude.

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