Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rabbit Ears Peak...

Has been guiding pioneers and trappers on their journey from North Park to the Yampa River  Valley before Colorado became a state in 1872. Now it's a quirky looking rock formation near Highway 40 and the Continental Divide. There's also an old broken down road to hike where you can pay this intrusive igneous volcanic plug an up close visit. 

So that's what I did en route to Steamboat Springs. (Former ranching town now a groovy ski town)

Go visit this historic beacon before it's called Rabbit Ears Amputated Peak. It's eroding (geologically speaking) as fast as I move after one pot of coffee. That speed makes a New York nano-second sloth-like. 

I'm now back on the move heading west in a slow van to California.

As you can see from the photo, Barley is striking a contemplative pose along the banks of the Mighty Yampa River, as he ponders our upcoming road trip. (Ignore the bike shorts hanging off the antenna and mirror).

Be well and move quickly,

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