Saturday, August 23, 2014

Great Basin National Park II

I took a 11 mile stroll up to Johnson Lake passing the appropriately named Johnson Mining District. Despite the fact Nevada's nickname is the Silver State, tungsten was the main element being yanked from the ground way up here. During World War I, this little known rock was an ingredient in making steel alloy. The hard stuff was then used to create weapons of people/property destruction and radio transmitters. 

Here's a photo of what the miners called home. The wild scenes is where I call home when it's warm. Which today at Johnson Lake, it was not. An Arctic Air Mass welled over the peaks causing yours truly to feel frigid. (Reminiscent of some of my past dates). 

I'm now in Topanah, Nevada. (Home of the Muckers!)
I'm not sure what a Mucker is, but I don't think I'm one.

Good Night from the Big T,
PS. GBNP only gets about 100,000 visitors/year. Plenty of places to not see other people. Plus it's FREE! No Park Service permit required. 

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