Saturday, August 16, 2014

Newt Hunting in the...

Mount Zirkel Wilderness, Colorado. I set out on glorious to be alive morning (two pots of coffee doesn't hurt either) in search of scenery and slithery prey. I found both on this 11 mile jaunt. 

FYI. Many newts are toxic when ingested. So don't eat them even if they are the only animal on the tropical island you happened to shipwreck upon. (Maybe there will be coconuts).

Scientists consider these amphibians to be bio indicators. That is, they are the canary in the coal mine on how things are going on this planet. Unfortunately, they are taking in on the chin. (Do they have a chin?) It's the usual suspects: loss of habitat, pollution and warmer temperatures. It's not easy being a newt.

So, if you happen to chance upon one, give the little fella a wide berth. He's just trying to survive in a sometimes harsh world. 

As far as scenery goes, see for yourself.

Drive day mañana to the High Unitas. Hello Utah, goodbye Colorado for now. 

Good night Ruby Begonia wherever you are!

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