Thursday, August 21, 2014

High Unitas Wilderness II

After waking up to (you guessed it) rain. I lost my moisture mojo for another backpacking attempt. Besides, all my gear was finally dry ("and that's the way! I like it! Uh! Huh! Uh! Huh!" quote by KC and the Sunshine Band). 

So... I decided to do a little day hike scouting along the Highline Trail, with a detour to Packard Lake. 

The wet stuff landed north of me, south of me but never on me! Hallelujah! 

Here's a few lake shots and one Duchesne Canyon shot. No explanations needed.

There was something not right about that human/horse packer picture. 
I got it! Silly me! I thought the hay burners were supposed to be the beasts of burden. If I ever come back this way again as a steed, (Shirley McClain might be right) I want these good old boy's to be my owners. 

The Despair Tire shot. 
Usually Barley the van drives as straight and true as an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting. Upon descending into Salt Lake City on Interstate 80, my trusty companion had the shakes and shimmies like an old "Whiskey A-Go-Go" dancer. Not good. 
I pulled off the first chance I had and discovered this OMG! scene.The guys at Goodyear said the rubber was close to catastrophic failure. Once again, I got away with one. Phooey on Michelin Tires. 

Have a good day and always keep your rubber side down,

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PPS. I have viewers in Poland, Mexico and Sweden! 

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