Monday, August 11, 2014

The Sub-Eleven Foot Expedition Team...

Rises above!

Here's a photo of the rarely seen Kosher Krew together atop 11,400' Twin Sisters Peak.
(We are seldom seen because in American-Land of the Giants, folks only notice us if we brush up against their kneecaps) 

Nelson and I retreated down shortly after this photo was taken. Thunder and fog at 9:30 in the morning! WTF!

A look at nearby Longs Peak before the weather turned on us like a jilted lover in divorce court.

Fun Factoid: Longs Peak was first ascended by that one-armed stud, John Wesley Powell. The same JWP who managed to be the first to successfully make it through the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. Or as he described it, "Beyond the Great Unknown." He later went on to become our nation's first head of the U.S Geologic Survey. 
I guess in those days, people just worked until they fell over. There must not have been pension plans or 401 Retirement Accounts. Poor dudes.


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